Calculate Your Mortgage Rebate offers rebates for any mortgages arranged.* This is not to be confused with “cash back” mortgages. These types of loans simply exchange higher rates for cash back on closing.

A mortgage rebate is completely different. We offer a rebate from our own compensation while still offering industry leading rates. You get the best of both worlds! This could mean thousands of dollars for you to spend however you like.

Simply use the calculator provided to get an estimate of your mortgage rebate. Input the expected loan amount, the term you’d like and the calculator will estimate your rebate amount. This rebate will be provided to you after closing.

*OAC – Rebates not offered for privately arranged mortgages. Rebates offered by Rebate offer is not made by, nor has affiliation with, Mortgage Architects.

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You are in good hands! We have mortgage industry veterans that can help you with every step of the mortgage application process. Not only do you receive tremendous value, a mortgage rebate, but also top notch advice and service. You can’t beat that!

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“Tremendous service. Attentive, quick replies and amazing value. I was offered a substantial mortgage rebate at rates lower than my bank offered. You’d be crazy to go anywhere else.”


“The best source for mortgages and mortgage advice. I’ve never heard of a mortgage rebate before, but boy I’m glad I found out! I was able to take my family on a trip with the rebate!”


“ was exactly what I was looking for. Friendly, fast service. Great insight and expertise in the mortgage field. And yes, a cheque at the end was the topper.”


“No better way to get a mortgage! David really knows his stuff having worked on the “inside”. He’s now using that knowledge to get me the best deals and products! Very satisfied.”


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